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Have a problem with iPads?

  • Screen Replacement

  • Since, the touchscreen and display are fused together as one piece, replacing an iPads screen will fix any cosmetic and functional damage. Visit our store and we will replace your screen in no time.
  • Battery Replacement

  • If your iPads battery is dying quickly or jumping to random percentages, replacing the battery will do the trick! After a certain number of charge cycles, the lithium-ion battery begins to degrade.
  • Charging Dock Replacement

  • iPads not charging properly or not connecting with your USB cord? Since this is one of the biggest open ports on the phone, the charging pins can often short or get damaged.
  • Headphone Jack Replacement

  • Have an iPad with a broken or jammed headphone jack? If you’re experiencing crackling audio, no audio at all when headphones are plugged in, or if something’s stuck in the headphone jack, You need to replace the headphone jack.t
  • Camera Replacement

  • iPads cameras contain layers of lenses that are very sensitive to physical damage. Once one layer is damaged, these spots will become visible on all pictures taken from that point on.
  • Frame Replacement

    • Your iPad/iPhone frame can easily scratched or damaged if you have not protected it well. Looking for a change of frame? FixMyMobile Experts can do the needful.

  • Back Glass Replacement

  • If the back panel of your iPads is no longer shiny or new, maybe it is badly scratched or damaged, allow our expert iPhone technicians to remove the old back panel and replace with a brand new one.
  • Power Button Replacement

  • Power button of your iPad/iPhone is the most used button on your device and can very easily be struck or damaged. Allow FixMyMobile experts to fix your power button issues.